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Ladybug Poem and Songs

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Five Little Ladybugs
Five little ladybugs climbing up a door,
One flew away then there were four.
Four little ladybugs sitting on a tree,
One flew away and then there were three.
Three little ladybugs landed on a shoe,
One flew away and then there were two.
Two little ladybugs looking for some fun,
One flew away and then there was one.
One little ladybug sitting in the sun,
She flew away then there were none.

Pretty Ladybugs
(Tune of "the Muffin May")
Ladybug has 1 black spot,
1 black spot, 1 black spot;
Ladybug has 1 black spot,
Pretty Ladybug!
(Continue with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.)

Never Hurt a Ladybug
(Tune of: "Yankee Doodle")
Ladybugs are in my yard.
Just look at them devour
Those pesky aphids on the leaves
Of Mother's pretty flowers.
Never hurt a ladybug.
We need them in the garden.
Ladybugs help flowers grow
So we must never hurt them.

Ladybugs Fly
(Tune of: "three blind Mice")
Fly, fly, fly,
Ladybugs fly.
Fly over here
Fly over there.
They fly up high and they fly down low.
Around and around and around they go.
They fly fast, and they fly slow.
Oh, ladybugs fly!

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