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Bird Songs and Poems 2

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The Robins Come Back
(Tune of "The Farmer in the Dell")
The robins came back.
The robins came back.
Now its spring and warming up
So the robins came back.

The robins came back.
The robins came back.
They didn't like the cold and snow,
So the robins came back.

Building Nests
The birds are building nests today,
(Move hand in circle.)
With twigs, grass, mud and string.
(Open and close thumb and index finger.)
The birds are building nests today,
(Move hand in circle.)
They're using everything!
(Hold hands out, palms up.)
Dorothy Samorajski

I'm a Little Birdie
(Tune of "I'm a little Teapot")
I'm a little birdie (point to self)
Little and sweet, (smile)
Here are my wings. (make wings with arms)
Here is my beak. (point to mouth)
When I get all ready,
I will speak. (open mouth)
Hear me now, (hand to ear)
Tweet, tweet, tweet.

(Substitute other birds; cardinal, blue jay, robin, etc. for "birdie")
Kathy Kalmar

Little Robin Redbreast
Little robin redbreast comes to our town,
(Fly hand through air.)
She flies to the treetops, then to the ground.
(Fly hand up, then down.)
She goes away in winter, she comes back in the spring.
(Hide hand behind back, then return hand to front.)
"Chirp, chirp, chirp," is the song she sings.
(Fly hand around while making chirping sound.)
Sue Sheliecker

Woodpecker, Woodpecker
(Tap out rhythm with rhythm sticks.)

Wood-peck-er, wood-peck-er,
Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.
Wood-peck-er, wood-pecker-er,
Don't you ever nap?

Wood-peck-er wood-peck-er,
Up high in a tree.
Wood-peck-er, wood-peck-er,
I can tap too.  See?

Wood-peck-er, wood-peck-er,
Click, click, click, click, click.
I can tap just like you
With my rhythm sticks.
Diane Thom

Feed the Birds
(Tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat")
Feed, feed, feed the birds
In the wintertime.
When the days are dark and cold,
Food is hard to find.

Feed, feed, feed the birds
Till the spring has come.
Scatter birdseed on the snow.
Feeding birds is fun!

Hatching Birds
Snuggled down inside
An egg so creamy white,
Was a tiny little bird
With its head tucked tight.

Then it tilted its head,
Tapped the egg with its beak,
And quickly popped out.
Tweet, Tweet, Tweet.
Adapted from a poem by Colrain Pettipaw Huntly

Come Watch the Robin
(Do actions as rhyme indicates)
Come watch the robin with a read breast,
Working so hard to build a new nest.
Come watch the eggs deep in the nest
Starting to open each with a guest.
Come watch the babies filling the nest,
Crying for food.  Poor robin-no rest!
Come watch the babies perched on the nest,
Giving their wings a last minute test.
Come watch the babies fly from the nest,
Each strong and healthy, each with a quest.
Come watch the robin, along in its nest,
Feathers all puffed up, singing its best.
Jean Warren

If I Were a Bird
If I were a bird, I'd sing a song,
And fly around the while day long.
(Hook thumbs together and wave hands like wings.)
And when it was dark, I'd go to rest
Up in my cozy little nest.
(Cup hands together to form nest)

KinderNature Outreach Program - Conservation Foundation of Dickinson County - Diana Pritts

Ages 2-6
Multiple Intelligences

(reading, talking)
Gross motor or kinesthetic development (moving, running, moving your body, jumping)
Small motor or tactual development (blocks, puzzles, sensory)
(songs, patterns, sound)
(understanding other people and social interactions)
(understanding of the physical world, nature)

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