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Snail Slime

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The following recipe is inedible. It is great to use for demonstrating different qualities of animals or are just fun as a gathering activity for programs. The ingredients listed in each recipe are non-toxic but not to be eaten.

Snail Slime

This is a great recipe that can be used for lots of different programs. I have used with children ages 4 and up. I allow children to help measure and stir the ingredients until the two bowls need combined and we usually make it outside.

1 container of school glue (Elmer’s)                

1 container of water              

1 cup of water

Paint or food coloring                              

Glitter (optional)           

1 ½ tsp. Borax

Mix glue, container of water, paint or food coloring and glitter together in bowl.

In separate bowl mix 1 cup of water and Borax until Borax dissolves.

Combine Borax mixture into glue mixture and stir until you see slime develop. There may be a small amount of extra water remaining. This can be pour off of slime carefully. Divide into small portions for each child to play with. It can be stored in a Ziploc bag or sealed container for a couple of weeks.


NOTE: When sending this home with children, I always make them promise to ask Mom or Dad first before playing with their slime. I also tell them they should play with it outside or where their parents allow, never on furniture or carpet.

From Woodbury County Conservation Board  
Theresa Kruid, Naturalist & Camp Director
Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center

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