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I Have A Little Turtle Song

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I Have A Little Turtle

I have a little turtle

He lives in a box

He swims in the water

He climbs on the rocks


He snapped at a mosquito

He snapped at a flea

He snapped at a minnow

And he snapped at me


He caught the mosquito

He caught the flea

He caught the minnow

But he didn’t catch me

From Nature Boxes for Early Childhood Educators, Debbi Williams, Story County Conservation Board

Story County Conservation
56461 180th St.
Ames, IA 50010
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Multiple Intelligences


(reading, talking)


Gross motor or kinesthetic development (moving, running, moving your body, jumping)

Small motor or tactual development (blocks, puzzles, sensory)


(songs, patterns, sound)


(understanding other people and social interactions)


(understanding of the physical world, nature)



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